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For over half a century, Excel Glass & Granite has been professionally installing countertops and providing interior stone and glass to southwest Pennsylvania. Through the years, we’ve expanded our warehouses and fabrication facilities so we can offer our local customers the best. Home and business owners in Murrysville, PA and the greater Pittsburgh metro area trust our experts to design and fabricate custom countertops in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and materials.

Best Countertop Materials and Installation in the Murrysville, PA Area

  • Granite Counters

  • Marble Countertops

  • Quartzite Counters

  • Kitchen Countertops

  • Bathroom Counters


  • As a family owned and operated business since 1946, we’re dedicated not only to the satisfaction of our local customers but the development of our employees as well.
  • When we complete an interior project, we stay focused on our customers from the first design process, through professional installation, and we’re only done when the customer is completely satisfied.
  • We’re committed to helping our customers with any kind of interior project they might need, whether that’s a glass shower enclosure, a quartzite-faced fireplace, a large framed mirror, or granite kitchen countertops with a luxury edge design.

About Murrysville, PA
Only 18 miles or 29 kilometers from Pittsburgh, Murrysville is a unique bedroom community with over 20,000 residents as of the 2010 Census. Technically, the town name is The Municipality of Murrysville because it is a self-ruled area with no other smaller governing bodies within it, though it is surrounded by other townships such as Monroeville, Delmont, and Penn Township. They are very proud of their name, too, as they built a sign spelling it out made completely out of real growing trees.

The nation’s very first well of natural gas was found in Murrysville, called the Haymaker Gas Well, and it remains one of the largest in the world. Locals have lots of fun spots to visit from local breweries to small town boutiques. The nearby Westmoreland Conservatory also provides residents and visitors with valuable greenspace, and Hazelbakers Recreational Services can help you enjoy it by booking a kayaking or fishing trip on one of the local waterways.

Granite Countertop Pro’s and Cons

Choosing the right material for kitchen countertops can be a tough decision, but the experts at Excel Glass and Granite can help you weigh the pros and cons of various countertop materials from natural to engineered stone. Granite has been in widespread use in kitchen counters for decades, making it a classic choice with a wide variety of style options, though not all homeowners love it. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of granite counters. 

Advantages of Granite Countertops

Because it’s a natural mix of different rocks and minerals, granite is very hard and durable as well as having a wide variety of colors. This makes granite countertops fit into any interior design, whether it’s for a kitchen, a bathroom, or a commercial property. The flecks of quartz in the granite reflect light and brighten any kitchen remodel. Counter experts can also cut granite into tons of different shapes to fit complicated curves or create luxury edging designs. 

Things to Consider About Granite Countertops

From ongoing maintenance to initial cost, granite kitchen counters can have some drawbacks. Natural stone is porous, so it’s a good idea to seal your granite countertops. Sealing is performed as part of a professional installation, but you will need to reseal every few years so that your luxury countertops will properly resist staining and scratching. The upfront cost of real granite counters for your new kitchen can also be high compared to other countertop materials, but remodeling experts can recommend engineered stone products that mimic the look of granite for less cost.

The remodeling experts at Excel Granite and Glass are dedicated to helping their local Pittsburgh area customers create the perfect kitchen countertops, whether they’re made of granite, quartz, or an engineered stone product. We own our own warehouses and showrooms, so we have access to tons of different products that will finish off your interior design perfectly. Our remodeling experts have the design experience to guide you through the process.

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