Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops

Excel Glass & Granite- Pittsburgh Leader in Granite Countertops

Both residential and commercial property owners in the greater Pittsburgh area trust Excel Glass and Granite with their natural stone and engineered stone for their interior projects. We’re the trusted local leaders in countertops. We have an amazing selection of high quality products as well as the expertise and machinery to create unique edge details, beautiful backsplashes, and more.

As a premier countertop installer, we specialize in all things Granite Countertop in the Pittsburgh PA Area

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No matter how complicated your countertop design or how large or small your remodel project might seem, our granite and glass experts can find the right solution for your local property.

Our Granite Countertop and Natural Stone Counter Process

At Excel Glass and Granite, we know that designing an interior project can be a little nerve-wracking, so we have an easy process for choosing the perfect granite countertop for your home or commercial property. 

1. Choose Your Type of Stone

The first easy step to a beautiful new granite countertop is to choose the color and finish of stone you’d like. Because we have our own warehouse, we offer a wide array of choices in materials from natural stone to engineered stone products that give the look of natural granite with the benefits of modern materials. 

2. Choose Your Granite Countertop Edge

There are a lot of options for the edge of your new countertops with terms like bevel, bullnose, and ogee. These can seem confusing, but our professional kitchen designers will talk over your options with you to give your kitchen remodel the perfect look.

3. Choose Your Backsplash

One of the main features of any kitchen remodel or new installation is the backsplash, and we have a full range of products that will beautifully compliment your custom countertops.

Granite Counters – Info & Tips

Since granite is made up of visible grains of different colored minerals like quartz and feldspar, it has a unique natural beauty, superior durability, and a wide array of available colors. Natural granite is a classic luxury material for kitchen countertops. It has amazing design versatility, and can also be carved to fit any complicated kitchen counter design. Because the minerals inside the stone are very hard, granite countertops are very durable. They can withstand heat and moisture, and are very low maintenance. Property owners thinking about a kitchen remodel can also choose engineered stone products that have the versatility and look of natural granite without the cost.


Level I

Level II

Level III

Use No abrasive cleaners including soft scrub.  Clean with mild anti-bacterial soap and warm water for every day type of use.

Hot pans can be placed on surface with no harm to tops.  Granite is very resistant to heat/be careful not to drag pan on granite.


Recommended use is a cutting board.  If you spill (ie. wine, oils, hot or cold liquids, etc.) blot up with a paper towel.  Granite is not stain or scratch proof, but is very resistant.

We have sealed your top at time of installation and recommend that you Re-seal your granite 1 or 2 times a year with a stone/cleaner/sealer.  Apply with a soft cloth (2 to 3 ft. areas) let dry and buff with cloth – A little goes a long way. This cleaner/sealer should last you for a few years of applications.

Remember your granite top is “one of a kind”- with a little basic care and maintenance, it will last forever.   Stones of Distinction
Have a look at our Stones of Distinction – in most cases, we have ample supplies of these stones IN STOCKand ready for your project!

Our product tiers provide many popular choices in any price range!

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