Guide to Kitchen Countertops in Westmoreland County PA

Guide to Kitchen Countertops in Westmoreland County PA

Whether you’re building a new kitchen or remodeling, choosing kitchen countertops is maybe the hardest decision. Do you go with a luxury stone like granite or a high quality engineered stone product? It’s a lot to decide. Property owners in Upper St. Clair and the greater Pittsburgh area have help from the kitchen countertop experts at Excel Glass and Granite. Before you explore your kitchen counter options at one of our showrooms, check out our comprehensive guide to kitchen countertops. 

Natural Stone Countertops

If you want naturally heat resistant kitchen counters, a stone countertop material is a good choice. The remodeling professionals have access to a wide variety of stone types, including granite, quartzite, marble, limestone, onyx, and slate. Within these natural stone types, there are also a ton of colors and finishes to match any kitchen design. In addition to design versatility, natural stone kitchen countertops offer superior durability. Some drawbacks of stone countertops include the possibility of chipping, the need for a sealant, and a higher cost than other materials.

Engineered Stone Countertops

While many people think natural products are inherently better, a lot of man-made materials offer distinct advantages when used in kitchen countertops. Engineered stone used in kitchen countertops is made up of 93 percent quartz stone and only 7 percent synthetic polymers. This means engineered stone kitchen countertops offer all the beauty of natural stone without the drawbacks. For example, engineered stone counters can be fabricated to any shape, no matter how complicated, including beautiful counter edging designs. Engineered stone countertops also have a nonporous surface and are highly resistant to staining and chipping. 

Let Us Help You Choose

Now that you have a handle on the different kinds of materials available for your new kitchen counters, you still have to choose your style, color, and finish. Those are some big decisions, but you’re not in it alone. The kitchen remodeling experts at Excel Glass and Granite have access to all the different varieties of natural and engineered stone, and they can go over all the pros and cons of different countertops.

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