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Virtual Engineered Stones Library

CaesarStone Collection
At CaesarStone®, we place continuous focus on a Product Collection that is a living entity and constantly growing. Operating at the cutting edge of innovation, and responding rapidly to the design needs of professional architects and designers, our collection ranges from fine-grained salt and pepper motifs to coarse-grained color blends with variegated textures.

Quartz stone surfaces are the ultimate choice for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom vanities and commercial interiors. With over 70 colors, textures and finishes, CaesarStone® offers global customers the widest possible range of designed quartz surfaces with the finest texture options available in the quartz surface industry today. We expand design possibilities even further by offering a choice of three distinctly different finishes: Polished, Honed (matte) and Viento (textured).

This serves the basis of our enduring philosophy for delivering customers with endless possibilities for creativity and inspiration.

Fresh White

Shaded White

Light Brown

Tan Brown

Rich Brown

Bold Black

Deep Gray

Soft Gray

Vivid Colors

CaesarStone Concetto
The unique Concetto Collection is an exceptional assortment of inspiring surfaces that are hand-made from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones. A dramatic fusion of nature, technology and art, Concetto’s designs bring out the natural beauty of the semi-precious stones in order to create the ultimate luxury counters and countertop. Skillful engineering enhances the innate brilliance and colors of the stones through sensitive design that reinforces each individual stones’ natural hues and shades. Some of the semi-precious stones are amazingly translucent and can also be backlit for creating an added effect.

The Concetto surfaces represent top-quality, luxury countertops that need minimal maintenance and that are heat, stain and scratch resistant. Created with dimensions of 141.5 x 302 cm and a thickness of 25mm, each unique Concetto piece is made from an original semi-precious stone that serves to enhance its unique shadings and inherent patterns.

Designers and architects love working with Concetto surfaces which are ideal for diverse applications such as exclusive kitchen & bathroom surfaces, luxury countertops, lavish floors and walls, opulent furniture and vanities, as well as special features and more.

DuPont™ Zodiaq®
DuPont™ Zodiaq® quartz countertop surfaces are composed of advanced composite material made with pure quartz crystals. And because quartz is one of nature’s strongest materials, quartz countertops made with DuPont™ Zodiaq® quartz surfaces are also incredibly durable and resist both heat and scratches. Custom-fit to your exact specifications and virtually maintenance free—Zodiaq® is perfect for your home. The strength and luster of Zodiaq® make it an elegant choice for those who admire the beauty of real stone. Zodiaq® can be used for countertops, wet bars, vanity tops, shower and tub surrounds-even furniture. Zodiaq® is custom-cut to your exact specifications, allowing you a wide range of edge and installation options.

Superior materials
Zodiaq® is composed mostly of quartz, giving it exceptional toughness and a hardness of 7 on a scale of 10 (only diamonds rate a 10!).

Easy to maintain
The smooth, nonporous surface of DuPont™ Zodiaq® resists even the toughest spills and will retain its luster for many years without the need for sealants or waxes.

Precision fit

Zodiaq® can be cut and fit to meet exacting requirements, allowing you a wide range of design options.

Exceptional warranty

DuPont™ Zodiaq® quartz surfaces comes with a ten-year limited warranty from DuPont.

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LG Surfaces – Viatera

Viatera: Italian translation: “by way of earth”

Italian stone products are renowned to the world over for their elegant beauty and their superior quality. Viatera® lives up to the reputation of the best Italian stones.

What is Viatera®?
Viatera®, categorized as quartz surfacing, is the newest addition to the LG family of countertop surfacing products. Viatera® is composed of quartz blended with advanced polymer resins and colorfast pigments. The manufacturing process takes place under intense heat and pressure. The innovative design combined with cutting edge technology makes Viatera® the highest quality quartz surfacing material available. Viatera® is 93% natural quartz providing an extremely durable living environment for the most demanding of consumers. The versatile color palette will satisfy all your surfacing needs. Unlike Granite or Marble, Viatera® does not need topical sealing, allowing lasting beauty with very little maintenance. Viatera® appeals to those who prefer the elegant look of stone, but desire a product that is easy to maintain and like all LG countertop surfacing products, is backed by the industry leading 15 year warranty.

When was Viatera® Created?
Launched in 2004, the Viatera® brand is rapidly making its name in the surfacing industry. However, similar quartz surfacing materials have existed for over 20 years in Italy. Due to the innovative ways the product can be used, quartz surfacing is becoming the material of choice for design projects of all types.

Where is Viatera® Manufactured?

Viatera® is made in Italy exclusively for the sole distribution by LG Surfaces, LLC.

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