Waterfall Countertops – Sleek & Seamless – A Beautiful Trend

Waterfall Countertops – Sleek & Seamless – A Beautiful Trend

For the past 70 years, Excel Glass and Granite has progressed with technology, skilled labor training and design expertise to bring the newest designs in the Kitchen and Bath Industry. This commitment to our craft brings the latest trends to the market. Our most recent waterjet and saw investment has enabled us to stay ahead of the design curve to provide state-of- the-art creation in mitered buildups and waterfall edges to provide a sleek and seamless look in a quartz or granite countertop island. A waterfall countertop is a great way to feature the perfect slab. The clean-lined look provides a powerful statement of symmetry. In commercial and residential settings alike, a waterfall counter in a durable material like granite or quartz will compliment both modern and traditional styles.

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New Technology and Skilled Artisans:

To create the continuous visual flow from the horizontal top to the vertical drop we use a computer numerical control laser cutter (CNC) to precisely miter the edges so they fit together with virtually no visible seam. Excel Glass and Granite offers a variety of the latest quartz or granite to choose from. Our devoted craftsmen and hi tech fabrication tools will ensure a beautiful, customized final touch.

Please contact one of our representatives at 724-523- 6190 and discover how we can make your vision of a mitered edge and waterfall countertop a reality in your customer’s home or office.

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